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Electrical Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to connecting the wiring of a large appliance, such as a hot tub or spa, you always have to be mindful that the electrical circuits and wiring of your home's electrical system are able to support the extra electrical load the appliance will add. Instead of tackling the job yourself, you can leave the installation of your hot tub in the capable hands of the licensed and professional electricians at Dr. Electric. Our electricians have had extensive electrical training, and they have working knowledge of the local and state electrical codes. They'll do their best to safely install the elaborate wiring and circuitry that is required for hot tubs.

Safe Installation of Hot Tubs

Compliance to electrical safety regulations is even more important when the installation and wiring involves an appliance that uses water. In such situations, any mistake that is made in routing the wires, establishing connections or grounding the appliance can not only be an inconvenience and costly repair but also a potentially life-threatening situation. Be sure to hire one of our licensed electricians, who have experience with wiring a hot tub to a home's electrical system.
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