Indoor Outdoor Lighting and Code Compliance in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Electrical Codes

Don’t let electrical codes and/or regional codes confuse you. Contact DR Electric's licensed electricians to decipher the confusion for you. The National Electrical Code (NEC), published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70) is updated every 3 years.  All of our licensed electricians strictly follow the National Electrical Codes as well as any codes put in place by the authority having jurisdiction which in El Paso County will be Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. Your families safety is our #1 concern, so all the electrical work done by our professional technicians will be done up to current codes.

What are the electrical codes in Colorado Springs?

Some examples of electrical code violations include:

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Receptacles (GFCI)

GFCI receptacles are required in the following locations
In Bathrooms
Kitchen counter tops
Outdoor receptacles
Unfinished areas of your home (ie basement)

Electricity Load Calculations

Adding significant loads (ie hot tub or air conditioner) usually requires a load calculation to ensure that your current electrical system and panel can handle the additional load.

Electrical Rewiring

Often times we go into a home and there has been some rewiring done in past years from previous homeowners. There is a whole list of electrical codes associated with wiring - some include:

Size of wire
Type of wire
Size of breaker
Installation of wire