Hot Tub Electrical Wiring Services in Colorado Springs

Safe Electrical Installations for Hot Tubs

Hot Tub WiringConsidering adding a hot tub to your home? Hot tubs are a great addition to any home. However, there are a few key things to consider when hot tub shopping. Hot tubs are a significant load addition to your electrical system. Schedule a no cost consultation today with one of DR Electrics licensed electricians to help you determine if your home's electrical panel can handle the new load.

Whenever water and electricity meet there are safety concerns. DR Electrics licensed electricians are familiar with all the electrical codes involved with a hot tub hook up. Also, when adding a hot tub circuit, a permit is required. As an electrical contractor we can pull the permit and have the work done in a timely manner. Let our professional technicians take the stress out of adding a hot tub circuit to your home. Remember, your family’s safety is our #1 concern.

Key things to consider when adding a new hot tub:

• The amperage of the hot tub
• Can your existing electrical service panel handle the new load
• What size wire is required for the conductors
• What size wire is required for the ground conductor
• What size breaker is required
• GFCI protection IS required

Another key thing to consider when adding a hot tub to your home is protecting from lighting strikes and surges. Installing a whole home surge protector is a great way to protect your investments.