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Trusted Electrical Repair Services in Colorado Springs

Quality Electrical Repairs By Certified Electricians

24/7 Electrical Repairs in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

If you lose electricity to all or any portion of your home or business it can be an inconvenience. The professional and knowledgeable electricians at DR Electric can diagnose and repair any electrical problem day or night. When electrical problems occur, have the most reliable, knowledgeable and expert team of electricians here in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area on your side. Electrical problems can be dangerous and not something you should attempt to do yourself, thanks to DR Electric you don’t have to.

Home Electrical System Safety

The underlying reasons of any electrical problem may not be something simple and could be an issue of safety. The expert and knowledgeable Colorado Springs electricians at DR Electric will diagnose the problem and do an extended electrical safety check to insure that you have a safe and reliable electrical system.

At DR Electric we offer electrical service and repairs designed to get your home in working order and up to code. Our electrical repair services include:

• Safe and Expert Electrical Wiring
• Outlet and Switch Repairs
• Electric Repairs
• Electric cable repairs
• Complete Safety Inspections

If you have an electrical problem, DR Electric has you covered 24/7. Don’t put yourself or your home at risk trying to tackle an electrical issue yourself. Call the experts at DR Electric and rest easy that the job will be done correctly and safely by knowledgeable electricians the first time.

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