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Safety & Code Compliance in Colorado Springs, CO

Safety and code compliance play a large part in the services we provide at Dr. Electric. Our certified and experienced electricians ensure that every project we complete for our customers adheres to the local and state electrical codes. The NEC represents the ultimate standard for the safe installation of electrical equipment and wiring.

Inspecting for Safety

Before we begin a job, it is often necessary for us to perform a thorough inspection of the electrical system of a home or business to ensure that it is up to code. We'll examine all the components of your electrical system to verify that they comply with lawful safety standards. If we detect a problem with your electrical system that has to be addressed immediately, we will find a solution as soon as possible. An inspection can help us to:
  • Identify fire hazards
  • Locate damaged or incorrectly installed wiring
  • Correct electrical safety hazards
  • Reduce the chance of shock hazards
  • Verify that the system is properly grounded

Safety & Code Compliance

You should always use your electrical system responsibly. If you begin to experience malfunctions with the electrical system in your home or building, such as dimming or flickering lights or electrical outlets that no longer work, we suggest that you schedule an inspection, but you don't have to wait until problems begin to appear. Being proactive and having your electrical system inspected can help you avoid many electrical problems. We recommend that you consider an electrical inspection to check for safety and code compliance if you:
• Purchase a new home or commercial building
• Own an older home or building
• Plan to make a major renovation
• Purchase appliances that consume large amounts of energy
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