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Electrical Panels in Colorado Springs, CO

The web of circuits and wires that delivers electricity in your home operates from the primary electrical panel. Although the typical electrical wiring system consists of electrical circuits that measure 120 volts or 240 volts, there instances when you may require wiring that supports larger voltage, such as for the installation of a hot tub, generator or some other high-powered appliance. We can help you prevent a situation that will result in an overloaded electrical system.
Federal Pacific Electric panels with the panel door open
Federal Pacific Panel
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Federal Pacific Electric panels with the panel door close

Electrical Circuit Overload

An electrical circuit overload occurs when the amperage that is transferred across an electrical wire is more than the circuit is able to handle or when a device is used that draws an amount of power that exceeds the maximum capacity of an outlet. This often results in a blown breaker fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Dr. Electric can help you prevent this from occurring by upgrading your outlets so that they have the proper electrical capacity. This will stop your circuits from overloading and being a fire risk.
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